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Top Tips For Autumn Gardening

Written by: Anthony Denton | Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Many would associate the turn to colder weather and longer nights with a lack of activity in the garden. However, at Coolings Green & Pleasant we have five top tips for maintaining your garden throughout Autumn and Winter:

  1. Winter bedding plants-  Many believe that Autumn is not a planting season! However, there are numerous bedding plants, many of which are available in-store, which can brighten up your garden. Specifically, we have a wide range of violas and cyclamen to add some vibrant colour to your outdoor space.
  2. Homemade leaf mould-  As Autumn progresses there will be an increase in the amount of leaf litter in your garden. Instead of simply throwing it away in a green bin, it can be collected and stored to add extra organic matter back into your soil. An easy way to build your collection bin is with a combination of wooden stakes and chicken wire. In-store we offer wooden stakes and log rolls which can form part of any leaf collection area.
  3. Pond netting- Continuing with the issue of leaf litter, it is sensible to invest in a set of netting for ponds and other larger water features. This is important as decomposing leaves can turn water foul and you also run the risk of clogging up pumps and filters. They are very simple to set up, with specific sizes available from our partners at Weald Aquatics. With this technique any left over leaf litter that is caught in the netting can be added to your leaf collection.  If you are interested feel free to check out their website: http://www.wealdaquatics.co.uk/
  4. Bug Hotels- Are you feeling up for a DIY challenge? Then you can take inspiration from our nature trail and construct yourself your very own bug hotel! This is the perfect way to ensure that all bugs and insects have a save place to shelter. Many of these bugs are also important pollinators that help to maintain the biodiversity of your garden. They are also a great way for kids to get involved in the garden and get them learning about ecology firsthand!
  5. Maintaining garden tools- After a summer of trying to keep your grass cut and your beds maintained, your tools might have taken a battering! Firstly it is worth getting your lawn mower serviced before it is stored for the winter. However, if you are in need of a new set of tools,we have a wide selection in-store that will help to keep your garden in the best possible order!