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Staff Profile: Alice

Written by: Jess Cooling and Alice | Saturday 21st April 2018

Alice joined us for a week of work experience,

where she was involved in all of aspects of day-to-day activities at Coolings Green & Pleasant. As part of her engagement with marketing, Alice has shared with us her thoughts about her time with us, and kindly agreed to turn them into a blog!


  • Today: I started with some health and safety e-learning, moved on to labelling plants and putting them out on display, also learnt how to use the till and logging system in the Nature Trail Ticket Office
  • Favourite activity: displaying the plants was creative but systematically done
  • Least favourite moment: the e-learning – it was good to learn how to stay safe in the workplace, but not what I’d expected to be doing initially
  • What I found surprising: I didn’t know how profit worked and how the products mark-up, but now I understand the costs involved
  • I learnt: the basics of how to use the tills, types of plants, Coolings have very kind and friendly staff


  • Today: I was stationed in Blueberry Café – I made coffees in the servery, helped to make some Bakewell Tarts in the kitchen, and helped clean up at the end of the day
  • Favourite activity: learning all about the Café and how it runs
  • Least favourite moments: quieter periods with less customers – less adrenaline to complete tasks
  • What I found surprising: prices are compared to local cafes to make sure they’re similar, competitive, and fair to customers
  • I learnt: how to operate the coffee machine – I really enjoyed this, much more exciting than at home!



  • Today: I worked on the shop tills and in the Nature Trail Ticket Office
  • Favourite activity: using the shop tills, especially when Rob Beckett came to my till!
  • Least favourite moment: standing on my feet all day!
  • What I found surprising: People do buy lots items in one go – e.g. one person bought 8 decorations
  • I learnt: how to operate the till properly – the training was clear and thorough, staff were very patient with me



  • Today: I helped to maintain and tidy the plant area, helped to build a chair for displays in the furniture area, and created the plant area’s Easter display
  • Favourite activity: being trusted enough to sort and display the plants without direct supervision throughout
  • Least favourite moment: being out in the cold for a long time!
  • What I found surprising: people do come and buy multiple pots of the same plant in one go
  • I Learnt: how to keep the plants warm and protected from the cold weather, particularly the frost


  • Today: I was mainly on the shop floor using the tills
  • Favourite activity: operating the tills independently
  • Least favourite moment: making a mistake with a COOK voucher, as they cannot be redeemed in the shop
  • What I found surprising: the mermaid cushions are extremely popular
  • I Learnt: some customers have very little respect for workers – I won’t treat shop staff elsewhere poorly again!