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Finding Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Written by: Anthony Denton | Tuesday 20th November 2018

Finding your perfect Christmas tree

Thinking about buying a real Christmas tree this December? Coolings Green & Pleasant will be offering a range of Norway Spruce and Nordmann/Fraser Fir, each offering specific characteristics to suit the need of individual homes. Due in before the end of November, keep an eye on our website and social media to find out exactly when they arrive!

General care

Although each type of Christmas tree has its own distinctive characteristics, there are a few general tips to help you keep your tree as healthy as possible. One of the simplest things that you can do to ensure a healthy tree is to keep it well watered. The easiest way to do this, is to choose  a base that is large enough to hold a healthy amount of water. You run the risk of losing many of your needles well before Christmas Day if you don’t!  We’d also recommend that you avoid whittling the outer bark of the tree in order  to fit a specific stand.  The outer layers of your tree are some of the best for taking up water so shouldn’t be removed. We have a range of stands in-store, so please come talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information.

Another tip is to consider carefully where you place your tree.  Excessive heat can lead to a loss of needles, so if your tree is near a radiator you should consider switching it off, or turning the thermostat to a low setting, to make sure your tree doesn’t dry out!

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce combines beautiful shape with evocative, aromatic foliage. The species is fast growing, up to one metre per year, with the tallest ever recorded being a staggering 204ft/64m tall! We won’t be offering quite such large trees instore, but we have will have a wonderful range between 4-9ft or 1.2-3m tall. Considered by some to be more traditional than the Nordmann/Fraser Fir, if placed in warm environments for extensive periods there is a greater likelihood of needle loss so before buying it is important to figure out where the tree is going to be placed.

Nordmann/Fraser Fir

The Nordmann/Fraser Fir offers excellent needle retention with very dense coverage leaving a very full tree.  Also available in sizes between 4-9ft or 1.2-3m tall, the scent of the tree is also not as prominent as the Norway Spruce, making it more suitable for those with allergies.  Native to the Caucasus Mountains of Turkey, it is able to withstand harsher climates. However, both species of tree are now bred in the UK, the Nordmann/Fraser Fir from local breeders in Kent and the Norway Spruce coming from a family-run farm in Scotland.

Getting your tree home

We offer a free netting and carry to your car service, but do remember to bring some suitable ropes or fixings if your tree is going onto the roof rack.  Always place it with the bottom of the tree trunk facing forward to minimise any wind damage, too.


In addition to the real Christmas trees, we also offer wide range of artificial trees. These are perfect for those with nosy pets or curious kids that somehow always manage to cover the floor in tree needles!  From life-like ‘traditional green’ to sparkling colours and pre-lit options, you’ll find the perfect tree for your home here at Coolings Green & Pleasant.  Merry Christmas!