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COOK when you can’t

Written by: Jess Cooling | Saturday 3rd March 2018

Did you know

we sell pre-made frozen meals, handmade in kitchens in Kent? COOK supply us with a range of frozen ready meals, entertaining food, puddings and cakes. These are sold ready to go into your freezer, or straight into the oven! Using the same ingredients and techniques you would use at home, COOK food looks and tastes homemade. By blast-freezing all of their ready meals and puddings at -35°C, all the flavours and nutrients are “locked in”, removing the need for additives and preservatives.


Founded in 1997,

one of their key principles is to cook like you do at home. This ideology is carried through to the sourcing of ingredients, basing decisions on price, quality, and ethical and environmental considerations. If they can look a customer in the eye to tell them they’re happy with where an ingredient has come from, and how it has been farmed or produced, then it passes their quality check. Making visits to main suppliers means COOK can ensure their meat and poultry can be traced back to the farm. Helping small businesses, COOK always promote local sourcing and good animal husbandry.


On every dish

you can find the name of the chef who prepared your meal! These aren’t the same mass produced packaged foods you’ll find in a supermarket, they’re made with love and care. COOK aim to encourage people to eat well together, overcoming any timing issues with quick and easy options.


We find that

COOK meals are perfect after a long day at work, providing enough nutrients for a proper meal, simultaneously keeping that home-cooked feel. Based on the government’s “Eatwell plate”, COOK provide enough choice for a balanced diet, assuming people add their own veg and carbs to a pre-prepared main course. As well as this, their range encompasses lots of options for vegetarians, and caters for those with gluten or dairy intolerances. They have also recognised and acknowledged the importance of occasional, indulgent treats, and supply us with a range of delicious desserts and sweet treats.